Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Instant Windscreens?
Instant Windscreens & Tinting is Australasia's largest independent windscreen fitting business. Offering unrivalled experience and service, 24/7 through their mobile fitting vehicles. For more information please phone 0508 132 444.
How quickly can I get my windscreen repaired?
We will most of the time be able to provide you with same day service and by emailing or phoning our call centre we can book you into our first available opening. In the event of an afterhours emergency we can most of the times, sort your problem out within a couple of hours.
What would happen if I break my windscreen at 10pm?
Simply phone our 24/7 call centre and we will get one of our mobile units to you and have your vehicle secured for you within a couple of hours.
Can very old cracks and chips be repaired?
Yes it can but the older the crack or chip the more likely it is that water and dirt have penetrated it, which will result in a repair that is not as good as one on a new crack or chip.
Can I have my car tinted same day?
Yes you can! When booking in your vehicle for a glass repair or replacement, ask our friendly customer service agent to quote and book your vehicle in to have it tinted at the same time. This would in most cases mean that the vehicle be left with us for the day to get the work completed.
Do you have home window film to give us privacy?
Yes we do! Simply get one of our friendly sales people to come and do an obligation-free quote at your home. The sales person can show you samples of our film types and make suggestions as to the correct film to be applied for your specific needs and circumstances.
Can you help me with my glass repair insurance claim?
Yes, we can it is as simple as phoning us with your insurance detail when booking in your vehicle and we will do the rest for you.
How does film on your home save energy?
Adding film to a window will change the insulation properties of the window. The film specifications will show the U Value after the film is applied. In metric units this is described as the amount of watts of energy per square meter passing through the glass per degree Celsius.
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