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Designer & Decorative Film

Your glass can be transformed into exciting practical works of art with our fantastic range of unique designer & frosted films. Our beautiful ranges of decorative films are ideal for corporate branding and will dramatically enhance the look and feel of your office and workspace. Be it corporate or retail spaces you want to bring to life, our designs are only limited by your own imagination.

Our wide range of films include opaque, frosted (acid etch effect), sparkle (sandblasted effect), and a large range of pre-printed designs. Versatility makes our Designer & Frosted Film range cost effective and creatively flexible to suit your needs.

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  • Coloured Vinyl
  • Printable Frost
  • Digital Print Films
  • Customised Designs
  • Security & Safety Films

Customised designs and graphics are easily achieved allowing maximum creative ability. Enhance the look and feel of your workplace by including your corporate identity and company logo into your customised film design.

Benefits of designer and decorative film

  • A wide range including opaque, frosted, sparkle or pre-printed designs
  • Transforms plain glass surfaces into decorative features
  • Adds cost effective privacy to your office or workspace
  • Custom designs available to suit your business
  • Enhances your corporate identity with print logos and graphics
  • Interior or exterior application
  • In-house design services available
  • Mitigate personal injury with safety films
  • Cost effective solution compared to conventional blinds

With our wide range of decorative and designer films we can help you create a design element that will transform you internal glass partitioning into a statement.

Suitable Application

  • Anywhere where privacy and light transmission is required!
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior application
  • Offices, meeting rooms, partitions, glass doors and windows
  • Architectural signage

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