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Choose Instant Windscreens & Tinting for a tint that doesn’t just look great, but that also blocks glare, adds privacy and protects your car interior from UV damage. It even adds to your resale value.

Our range includes security films to defend your car against theft and vandalism, films that reduce interference from electronic devices and the darkest legal tint available in New Zealand.

New Zealand's darkest legal automotive window film, our Premium 35 offers the best in privacy and protection combined with a sleek and stylish finish. It’s also backed by our lifetime warranty that provides you and your vehicle with total solar protection for a lifetime.

Protect your vehicle, its contents and passengers with our Pure Steel security film. The high security film barrier holds glass together in the event of breakage, deterring vandals and thieves.

Choose our Matrix window film for the most extraordinary performance you’ll see and feel. Built using the best materials and designed for those looking for the very best.

Avoid radio interference with our Premium 35 window tint. Made using Electro Magnetic Safe window film, it enables you to maintain a clear signal and eliminate interference from radio, telephone and satellite navigation systems. Ideal for vehicles with built-in aerials.

All our tinting and window film applications are carried by experienced professionals and installations can be completed, in most cases, same day.

Find out more about the advantages of car window tinting on our benefits of tinting page.

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