3 DIY Car Repair Tips

Car maintenance and repair can be very intimidating, especially for those not familiar with the internals of their car. There are a few car repair and maintenance procedures that are very simple, however, and can save you a lot of money if you perform them yourself.

Changing your windscreen wiper blades

Windscreen wipers are a very important tool to help you properly distinguish everything on the road while driving. During winter, rain is a possibility at any time, so damaged or ineffective wipers could mean danger.

To replace your windscreen wipers, first purchase your replacement blades. When you’re ready to fit them, lift the wiper arm up away from the windscreen. Find the small tab on the underside of the wiper where it meets the metal arm and depress it (some cars require a small screwdriver to do this). Slide the blade down the arm and through the hook at the end.

After the blade is removed, insert the attachment onto your new wiper blade and listen for the click. Lower the blade back onto the windscreen and test the wipers. If they’re working fine, you’re all done!

Changing your air filter

Changing a clogged air filter will result in a more powerful and economical car. You can just google the air filter in relation to the make of your car to find out which is the the right kind for your car. Once you’ve made your purchase, change the filter by finding the plastic box sitting next to your engine. This box will have a large hose connected to it leading further into the engine.

Open the air filter box by unclasping the big metal clips and opening the box. It is then possible to remove the dirty filter.

If your old filter has lots of dirt and gunk between the folds, then it is definitely past its prime. Replace the dirty filter with your new filter and, voila, you have a fresh new filter!

Fixing plastic bumper dents

Reversing into an object like a wall or a pole is a very easy way to get a dent. It generally plays out that you will spend a few moments of cursing and an overall feeling of frustration quickly followed by the rational brain taking over with damage control.

Contrary to popular belief, however, this kind of situation might not require you to run off to a motor body repairer just yet. There is a chance you can fix up your dent with the help of a little water.

Pushing the dent out of a plastic bumper is a difficult process made easier with the use of some boiling water. When you throw boiling water onto your dent, the plastic softens. If you then reach behind the bumper, the softened plastic becomes significantly more malleable than it otherwise would be. Gently smooth the dent from behind with your finger but don’t take too long – it should be done quickly as the plastic won’t take long to cool.

Hopefully these tips get you out of a sticky situation next time!
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