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What to Look for When Buying Your First Ute

Whether you’re wanting to purchase your first ute for business or for leisure, it can be difficult to pick which utility vehicle is the best for your specific needs and requirements. When buying a ute, there are a number of factors to consider to ensure that your ute will fill in the necessary requirements to meeting your specific goals. To discover some simple tips that will help you choose the most ideal ute to cater to your personal driving preferences, keep reading.


How much are you able – or willing – to spend on your ute? If you are in search of the most cost-effective way to purchase a ute, your best option is to focus on securing a reliable second-hand ute. Another option to consider if you’re wanting to save some cash is to lease the utility vehicle. For businesses that require multiple utes, some dealerships will offer fleet deals that are great value. And for second-hand vehicles and leased utes, it’s always important to look at the vehicle history and check every detail of any vehicles you are interested in to ensure that you are not getting ripped off.


Another aspect that will greatly influence your choice is the towing and tray capacities. Think about why you need a ute. How much load do you think you’ll be carrying? Will your load amount change in the future? It’s important to note that utes that continually operate closer to their maximum load capacity will see their durability reduced more than utes which are fitted with extra load capabilities. If you intend to use your ute frequently and for larger operations, it might be better to select a vehicle that has been designed for durability and will be able to physically handle your specific requirements.


If you see yourself travelling with more than one passenger at times, a dual cab ute is your optimal choice. While dual cab utes are a more expensive option, they are a great investment for drivers and businesses that need extra seating. Dual cab utes are popular for family business owners and small businesses that require regular transportation between their clients and their office space. If you really don’t need extra seating, then you are better off saving a bit of money by staying away from dual cab options.


The environment that you intend to use the ute is another factor that will determine what option is the right one for you. Think about the road conditions you will mostly be in contact with, and if you plan to travel long distances, you will need to look at ute’s that have been engineered for reliability and are equipped with a powerful engine, but also built with New Zealand’s roads in mind.

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