Can You Tint Your Entire Windscreen

Tinting has a great finished when done right, and it’s only natural for you to want a full tint that covers your entire vehicle. When it comes to tinting, there are some laws that are rigid in New Zealand. We break them down below.

Window tinting options in New Zealand

New Zealand has fairly specific window tinting laws that are rigid across the country. The laws for window tinting are currently:

  • 35% VLT on front side windows
  • 35% VLT back side windows
  • 35% VLT for rear windows on passenger vehicles
  • No tint on windshields

VLT refers to the percentage of light that goes through the window, with the remaining reflecting. This means the highest VLT you can get for, for example, your front side windows would be 65%. All tinting specialists must comply to these laws and can offer you tinting options with accordance to these rules.

It’s important to recognise that these laws are designed for the health and safety of drivers across the country.

Can you tint your entire windscreen?

In New Zealand you are not permitted to tint your windshield or windscreen. You can still tint passenger and driver side windows as well as rear windows.

Maintaining tinted windows

When you get your windows tinted it’s important to take care just as you would your car. After you’ve finished the tint, make sure to keep your windows up for 24 hours so you don’t crumple the tint. From there you can maintain the quality and sheen by using a microfibre cloth to clean of any dust. For stubborn dirt, only use soapy water or a mild cleaning solution to prevent damaging the tint.

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Window tinting

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