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Does a Chipped Windscreen Fail a WoF?

A chip in your windscreen is enough to ruin your day, but if you get it seen to, it won’t ruin your week. By having a professional repair the chip or crack in your windscreen, you can prevent it from spreading, and you can make sure the chip won’t affect your Warrant of Fitness (WoF). If you leave a chip and allow it to spread, it’s more likely that you will need to replace your windscreen. Beyond the cost of replacing your windscreen, however, is the hassle of failing your WoF, and yes, a chipped windscreen can fail a WoF.

What Is a Warrant of Fitness?

You’ve probably heard the term WoF or warrant of fitness before; it’s really just a stamp of approval from the government to say that your car is safe to drive on New Zealand roads. The safety of your vehicle is affected by the condition of its most essential features. A WoF inspection will cover the condition of your tyres, brakes, lights, doors, safety belts, airbags, speedometer, windscreen, amongst other aspects of your car. They will ensure that the glazing on your windscreen is intact, your windscreen wipers work, and there is nothing that may obstruct your view – which is why chips on your windscreen can be a problem.

When Will a Chip Affect My WoF?

Chips and cracks are an essential part of your WoF because they affect your ability to see the road and thus your safety. In an inspection, if it is found that the chip or crack is larger than 25mm or falls within your critical vision area, you will fail your WoF. The critical vision area is directly in front of the driver; from the centre of the steering wheel, vertically up to 90mm from the top edge of the windscreen, down to 65mm from the bottom of your windscreen. The width of your critical field of view measures 150mm on either side of the centre of your steering wheel.

What Happens if My Windscreen Fails the WoF Inspection?

Any chips or cracks within your critical vision area will result in a failed WoF inspection. If you fail your WoF, you will not be legally allowed to drive your car anywhere other than a windscreen repair centre to fix the chip or crack with the sole purpose of obtaining a new WoF. You must have the chip in your windscreen repaired within 28 days of the initial inspection in order to avoid paying the inspection fee again. Once the chip has been fixed and your car passes its WoF, the inspector will place a WoF label on the inside of your windscreen to show that your car has passed its inspection.

Before you fail your WoF or that chip spreads, have a professional windscreen repair person look at it. It’s likely that the damage can be repaired, and if not, it’s best not to wait too long before replacing your windscreen either. For the sake of your safety and the safety of other road users, visit Instant Windscreens today.

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