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Does Window Tinting Reduce Heat?

Window tinting has a myriad of benefits; it keeps out UV rays, prying eyes, glare, heat, and more. There is no doubt that New Zealand gets quite warm in summer, which is why so many people choose to tint their windows, be it the windows of their cars, businesses, or homes. Window tinting is one of the most popular aftermarket car modifications because there are so many benefits. By simply tinting your windows, you can cut down on the running costs of your business, home, and car as it cuts down on the need to run an air conditioner because it reduces the amount of heat entering through the windows.

How Window Tinting Blocks Out Heat

Window tints block heat from entering a car through thermal rejection. To effectively block heat, some window tints use spectrally selective technology to reduce the amount of infrared rays entering your vehicle, home, or office. IR rays produce heat while UV rays produce light. Spectrally selective tints only let in specific wavelengths of radiation so that you still have enough light entering while also blocking heat emitting radiation to keep you cool and comfortable.

Does Window Tinting Block Out UV Rays?

Window tinting also blocks out ultraviolet rays, which helps reduce the damage to your car interior, furniture, and your skin. UV rays bleach your interior and cause sun damage to your skin, resulting in premature ageing and skin cancer. The term UV rays refers to UVA rays, UVB rays, and UVC rays.

UVA Rays

UVA rays damage your eyes, skin, and contribute to your risk of skin cancer.

UVB Rays

We are mostly shielded by the earth’s atmosphere of UVB rays. Depending on your altitude, latitude, and the time of year, you may be subject to either more or fewer UVB rays. UVB rays are the cause of snow blindness, sunburns, premature ageing, and skin cancer.

UVC Rays

UVC rays are completely absorbed by the earth’s atmosphere, so they don’t reach the earth.

What Is the Best Tint to Block Out Heat?

With various window tints to choose from, you wouldn’t want to get mixed up and choose one that doesn’t meet your needs. Instant Windscreens offers four different car window tints: Premium, Matrix, Pure Steel, and Clear UV.

  • Premium – reduces heat by between 56% and 60%, reduces glare by up to 60%, and reduces UV rays by over 99%.
  • Matrix – offers 50% to 60% reduction in heat, reduces glare by up to 64%, and reduces over 99% of UV rays.
  • Pure Steel – reduces heat by up to 56%, reduces over 99% of UV rays, and reduces glare by up to 60%.
  • Clear UV – offers maximum visibility during the day and at night; it also reduces over 99% of UV rays. This tint does not reduce the heat in your car.

If you’re ready to get your windows tinted and reduce the heat, there’s no better time than now. Get in touch with your nearest Instant Windscreens today to get a quote and book your car in to get tinted, or learn more about our home and commercial tinting options.

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