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10 Essential Music Tracks for Night Driving

Driving at night is so very different to driving during the day, and familiar surroundings suddenly become otherworldly. But it is also quite soothing, to the point where the quieter roads and the rhythmic sounds of driving – now so much more noticeable – can make you a little drowsy. But having a night driving playlist loaded up on Spotify or any other music service can help combat that and make your night drive even more pleasurable. Regardless of whether your night driving is the result of having to drive your date home, drop someone off at the airport, or simply because of you wanting to spend some quality time alone in your car. Everyone’s idea of the perfect night driving playlist will differ, but we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite music tracks for listening to after the sun has gone down.

  1. Nightcall’ by Kavinsky: This synth-pop song was used during the opening credits of the feature film, ‘Drive’, released in 2011. Starting your night driving adventure with this track can help you emulate the confidence and coolness of the film’s star, Ryan Gosling.
  2. Buzzcut Season’ by Lorde: Released in 2013, on Lorde’s album ‘Pure Heroine’, this track is relaxed with hints of nostalgia. A perfect song to set the mood while driving beneath the stars or city lights.
  3. Home’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: This song has been featured in numerous films, TV shows and advertising campaigns. This feel-good track should be played whenever you’re driving to people and places that matter the most to you.
  4. Two of Us’ by The Beatles: Penned in 1969 by Paul McCartney, this beautiful track will evoke a time when you truly felt at peace, wandering into the unknown with the one you love, your car.
  5. Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman: Ever drive in the evening and start thinking about ‘the good old days’? This song encapsulates melancholic feelings of nostalgia, and for this reason, makes a great addition to your night cruise playlist.
  6. The Boys of Summer’ by Don Henley: The music video to this song won the MTV ‘Video of The Year’ award in 1985. This song will take you back to how you felt when you were younger, and spending time in the summer sun, with the heat still radiating off the road at night.
  7. Intro’ by The xx: Received well by critics, this instrumental debut hit by The xx has been used in countless TV shows and commercials. Heavy in drum and bass, playing this song will make you feel as though you are a character in a James Bond film.
  8. Runaway’ by Kanye West: Whether you are a Kanye West fan or not, it is worth listening to this song and adding it onto your night cruise playlist. In this song, he raps about failed relationships and comments about the media’s continual criticism against him. The chorus is quite catchy, and you will find it therapeutic to sing along.
  9. Reptilia’ by The Strokes: While this song was not a chart hit, it has become one of The Stroke’s most popular and defining singles. A lot of the songs on this playlist are slower, but this track is faster and more upbeat. A great track to listen to in the dark.
  10. Take Me Home, Country Roads’ by Toots & The Maytals: This song is a much-loved classic and works best when played during a sunset or sunrise, at the start or end of your drive.

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