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How Often Should You Get Your Car’s Oil Changed?

We know that to ensure your vehicle is in top shape, it is essential to have it serviced at regular intervals. But stress over car troubles or being faced with expensive service fees can be avoided if you monitor and change your car’s oil. To uncover the benefits that come along with regularly changing your vehicle’s oil and to discover how often you should change your oil, read on.

Changing the oil in your vehicle is something that you don’t want to skimp on. Oil changes are essential in ensuring that your vehicle is safe to drive and that your car’s engine is running smoothly. To keep your car healthy and pleasant to drive means having a clean engine and using good quality oil that is regularly checked and changed.

What are the benefits of frequently changing your car’s oil?

  • Increases your car engine’s performance
  • Improves your vehicle’s fuel efficiency
  • Decreases harmful emissions
  • Extends the engine’s longevity

How often should you change your oil?  

For newer cars it is generally recommended that you replace the oil in your vehicle at around the 8,000 to 11,000 kilometres mark. For older vehicles, it is recommended that you change oil at 5,000-kilometre intervals. Of course, this interval will vary depending on how old your car is – the newer the vehicle, the longer it can go without having the oil changed. Many people who are unsure of the best time to change oil monitor their vehicle weekly. Checking your oil levels is not a difficult task and will only take you a couple of minutes to accomplish.

To keep your car safe to drive and in good shape for a long time, it is critical that you regularly pay attention to your car’s health. If you’re regularly checking in on your car’s oil and maintaining your vehicle, you will find that you will be able to save countless dollars and time by preventing potential car issues in the future. Now that you know how often you should change the oil in your vehicle you can ask yourself if you are changing your oil at the right frequency?

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