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How to Repair a Cracked Windscreen without Replacing It

It’s likely been proven that after chipping your windscreen, you may not feel chipper yourself. While it is a regular occurrence, it needn’t get you down. Most chips and cracks can be repaired, so it’s just a matter of figuring out how to repair a cracked windscreen without replacing it. Before you do that, however, you need to consider the extent of the damage and prevent it from spreading. And then there are the things which you just shouldn’t do. Luckily, it’s not too complicated.

Can My Chip or Crack be Fixed

While it’s important to note that most chips and cracks can be fixed, not all can. If you don’t have an expert on hand to assess the damage, there are a few things to remember when inspecting your windscreen. Whether you have a half-moon, divot, bullseye, star, or crack of any kind, there are ways to diagnose the gash ahead of your trip to the local windscreen repair shop. You will take note of the size, depth, and location of the chip or crack.

Can my chip or crack be fixed?

  • Chips or cracks which fall within the driver’s critical field of view typically cannot be repaired.
  • Chips and cracks which are smaller than 7cm can be repaired.
  • If the damage is too close to the edge of the windscreen, it cannot be repaired.
  • If the damage has passed through the first layer of glass, into the second, it cannot be repaired.

What to Do If You Can’t Fix Your Windscreen Immediately

If you cannot dash off to a windscreen repair shop immediately, your priority is to make sure the chip or crack on your windscreen doesn’t spread. Some cracks and chips spread faster than others, but to be safe, it’s best to avoid any unnecessary stress on the glass that may cause it to spread.

Don’t park your car in the sun; the heat may cause the windscreen to expand and chip or crack to expand along with it. You also want to avoid extreme temperature changes; if your car goes from cold to hot or vice versa too quickly, your crack can easily spread. Take your time to warm up your car slowly in winter. Lastly, try to avoid bumpy roads and potholes; any additional bumps or jolts may cause unnecessary stress to your windscreen and cause the damage to spread.

Repairing a Cracked Windscreen – What Not to Do

This part is simple, don’t try to fix it yourself. With so many windscreen repair kits and DIY ‘tricks’, it’s tempting to take this route, but it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be. Many of these kits are difficult to use with unclear instructions, and tricky methods and mistakes can lead to costly windscreen replacements. Your best bet is to visit a professional windscreen repair shop so that you don’t turn a simple repair into a costly windscreen replacement. And that is how to repair a cracked windscreen without replacing it.

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