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The Most Dangerous Roads Around the World

New Zealand isn’t the only country with dangerous roads, and in this article we explore which treacherous roads continue to claim the lives of countless drivers each year. And the danger isn’t always from other drivers, but rather the road’s condition or location, from icy roads in Alaska, to roads where you have to cut through mountains without knowing whether you’ll come across unpredictable rock slides.

Alaska – James Dalton Highway

This highway spans 666 kilometres of remote Alaskan territory and is mostly used by truckers who need to travel to the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. About a fourth of the highway is unpaved and it is recommended that you bring your own survival gear if you decide to travel along this highway, as there are no medical facilities – and only three towns – along the route.

India – Zoji Pass

The Zoji Pass is a dirt road that winds through incredibly high mountains ranges and has no guardrails or traffic signs. It is only 9 kilometres long, but is full of zigzags and peaks higher than 3.35 km at some points. Be extra vigilant if you decide to drive through this road, as landslides are a common occurrence and can happen with little warning.

Australia – Eyre Highway

Looking like the set straight out of Mad Max, the Eyre Highway is long, dusty, and desolate. It is known that despite being an uncomplicated drive, many drivers tend to fall asleep behind the wheel on this road.

Pakistan – Karakoram Highway

Connecting China to Pakistan, the Karakoram Highway runs through the Himalayas and is the highest paved road in existence. This road is dangerous to drive on because of the road’s lack of any guard rails and unfinished surfaces in places.  Adding to this, the high altitudes could easily make some drivers pass out whilst driving on the road.

China – Sichuan to Tibet Highway

More than 2,000km in length, this road is mostly dangerous because of the number of rockslides that occur. Like the Karakoram Highway, many travellers happen to get sick due to the high altitudes.

Turkey – Bayburt of Yolu / D915

If you choose to take on this road, you may notice that there is a lack of guard rails, and that rockslides and avalanches are common. There are also many parts of this road which remain unfinished and areas which are so incredibly narrow that you will struggle to drive through if your car is too wide.

Croatia – Mount Vojak

This road will take you to the summit of Mount Vojak, where you will be met with a stone tower. As lovely as that sounds, you should also know that some parts of this road have a 28 percent gradient!

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