Pure Steel Window Tinting
What is Pure Steel Window Tinting?

Not all car window tints are the same, and while many of the benefits remain the same, different tint films do offer additional benefits not found in other tints. One of the tints we offer is the Pure Steel window film, which carries many benefits that ordinary window tinting innovations do not possess. One of the primary benefits of Pure Steel window tinting is that it strengthens the glass even more than other tints, ensuring that the glass remains intact during attempted break-ins and casual vandalism. When applied, the advanced technology behind Pure Steel window films vastly increases the resilience of the glass, effortlessly making your car windows shatterproof. Read on to learn more about Pure Steel window tinting and the many benefits that a Pure Steel window tint installation can provide for you when applied to your car.

Pure Steel is Thicker Than Normal Window Tints

Pure Steel films are more than 115 microns thick, which is three times thicker than regular automotive film materials. In making your glass thicker, Pure Steel films protect the glass from scratches and prevent windows from shattering in the event of an accident. Windscreens are designed to be shatterproof, but the other windows in your car are not, and without Pure Steel, there will always be the risk of cuts caused by broken glass.

56 Percent Reduction in Heat

Having Pure Steel installed on your vehicle’s windows don’t only make them stronger, it can also drastically reduce the amount of heat that enters your car, thereby reducing the load on the air conditioner. As with most other tints, Pure Steel also helps block out harmful UV rays, which aren’t only a risk to you and your passengers but can also lead to unsightly fading of the car’s upholstery. And if you’re frequently affected by the glare of the sun, or the headlights of other cars when driving at night, you’ll appreciate the fact that Pure Steel can reduce this by up to 60 percent. Making the time you spend in your car much more enjoyable.

Lifetime Warranty

At Instant Windscreens, we are recognised as Australasia’s largest independent fitting business, providing our service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And part of our service offering includes a national, non-transferable lifetime guarantee on Pure Steel car window tinting.

Want to discover more about Pure Steel or any of the other window tints we offer? Call Instant Windscreens on 0800 288 645 and our team of experts will be happy to tell you more. We offer a lifetime guarantee on any autoglass repairs and replacements and make it easy for you to request a quote for any tinting projects for your car, home or business. Book online today to discover a location near you!

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