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Taking Proper Care of Your Windscreen in Winter

As one of the primary safety features of your car, maintaining your windscreen in winter is vital. Without a clear view of the road, you endanger the lives of others as well as your own. Struggling to clear the condensation from your windscreen leaves you distracted, fussing with the demisters, and wiping your windscreen. Condensation isn’t the most pressing concern, however. Cold temperatures may also encourage the formation of and growth of chips and cracks. If you take proper care of your windscreen in winter, you can ensure your safety as well as the longevity of your windscreen.

Caring for Your Windscreen

More than misty windscreens, cracks and chips are another wintery concern. Thanks to frost, rain, and wind, your windscreen is subject to harsher conditions than usual. The wintry weather will cause chips and cracks to spread, while making cleaning your windscreen more difficult too.

It’s also best to keep your windscreen wipers in good working order. Faulty and worn windscreen wipers won’t clear the moisture from your windscreen, and they will impair your view of the road.

Why Does My Windscreen Mist Up?

Mist, steam, or condensation form when there is a disparity between the temperature and the humidity between the inside and the outside of your car. Even mild winters cause your windscreen to mist up. If the temperature and humidity inside the car are too high, the demister may not effectively rid the windscreen of condensation.

Cleaning Your Windscreen

Your best bet to minimise windscreen mist is to keep your windscreen clean. If your windscreen is not clean, it will fog up much more easily, and it will be more challenging to keep it from fogging up. Dirt absorbs moisture, which means the more dirt there is, the harder it will be to keep it free of moisture. By ensuring your windscreen is clean on the inside and the outside, you will have less trouble driving safely. To keep your windscreen clean, use a good glass cleaning solution and a lint-free glass cloth to remove any dirt and dust.

Dealing With Fog and Mist

Mist often appears on your windscreen while you are driving; you want to deal with it efficiently without making the situation worse.

Anticipate mist–you know when it’s cold enough outside to cause your windscreen to mist up, so make sure you warm up your car before you get on the road. With a heater on and a window open, the moisture will dissipate.

Pump the fresh air–ensure your fan or demister is blowing fresh air from outside rather than circulating the air inside your car. The air inside your vehicle is humid, and your best bet is to let the humid air out and the cool fresh air in.

Don’t just wipe it–as tempting as it is to simply give your windscreen a wipe while you are driving, it is distracting and unsafe. Wiping your windscreen with a random cloth also increases the chance of leaving other grime, dirt, or dust on your windscreen.

Get ready for winter by repairing cracks and chips on your windscreen. Instant Windscreens offer a swift and professional service. Give us a call or pop into one of our branches today.

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