Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service and Payment

  • When you book work in with Instant Windscreens, you are contracting with Instant Windscreens. If your insurer, or fleet operator, does not pay the invoice for any reason, you are responsible to pay the full amount. If you are booking work in for someone else, please make sure you are able to produce a written authority from that person. If you are not able to, we will still do the work on your instruction but will assume that you are the authorised person and hold you responsible for all payments due.
  • Full payment or any excess payable, is required for all work carried out prior to release of vehicle.
  • All goods supplied to customers with approved credit limits, must be paid for in full within agreed credit terms. Goods remain the property of Instant Windscreens until all payments are cleared. If a credit application has not been approved by Instant Windscreens, payment will be cash on delivery.

Terms Of Guarantee

The workmanship guarantee is not transferable if you sell the vehicle. There is no intention to confer on third parties any right or ability to be able to claim under the terms of the guarantee whether before or after you have disposed of the vehicle.

Terms of Data Protection

We will record and retain personal data about you in order to perform work for you, to render invoices and for purposes of direct marketing of our services. We may access personal data held by your insurer/fleet operator to enable us to perform work for you.

Terms of Call Monitoring

As part of our quality control and training procedures we monitor some incoming calls at our telephone control centre. This is to ensure that we meet – and are able to check that we have met – your precise requirements.

Terms Of Sale

  • The liability of this company for damage, loss, delay, non-delivery or for any cause thereof ceases upon release of goods to authorized third party carriers. Freight, insurance and risk are the purchaser’s responsibility.
  • Other than goods wrongly supplied, all items returned for credit will incur a penalty of 10% and must be returned within 14days of invoice date. Goods not returned within 14 days of invoice date will be deemed non-returnable. Freight and non delivery fees are not eligible for credit.
  • Freight on returns must be prepaid. Freight forward returns will not be accepted.
  • Any goods specially made, treated, or purchased for the customer are non-refundable.
  • Goods returned will only be considered for credit if they are received in good, unused and re-sellable condition, in the original packaging and when the original invoice number and date of supply are quoted.
  • Should your account need to be referred to our collection agency, then all costs will be payable by yourselves.


  • No liability will be accepted for the removal and fitting of customers own glass.
  • No liability will be accepted for paintwork lifting when removing tape.
  • No liability will be accepted if glass cracks or break during or after the removal or application of solar, security or decorative films.
  • No liability will be accepted if the demister is damaged when removing the tint film.
  • All warranty work will only be carried out in our workshops.
  • The customer gives his/her consent for the vehicle to be driven by staff of Instant Windscreens for the purpose of collection and delivery of the vehicle and in connection with the performance of the work itself, whether within the premises of Instant Windscreens or on a public road.
  • Instant Windscreens does not accept any liability for any loss or damage (direct or indirect and including for the avoidance of doubt consequential or economic loss) caused or which arises or may rise as a result of any work performed.
  • No liability will be accepted if the glass breaks or the crack extends during the attempt to repair a windscreen. In some cases the attempt to repair can make the chip bigger due to small micro-cracks emanating from the initial impact, through no fault of the technician.

These Legal Notices are based upon the laws of New Zealand

Instant Windscreens does not accept any liability for any loss or damage (direct or indirect and including for the avoidance of doubt consequential or economic loss) caused or which arises or may rise as a result or you downloading any software through this web site, whether to you, your computer system or to any computer system or network to which your computer may be interfaced. It is your responsibility to ensure that: (a) any files or software downloaded is virus free; (b) any software downloaded is compatible with any system which you may be operating; (c) that your computer system has the capacity and software necessary to run any software downloaded; and (d) that you have the agreement of any network provider to use the network for the purpose of downloading files or software from third party web sites. If you are under 18 you should seek the consent of the person responsible for your telephone bill before downloading any files or software.

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