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Top Benefits of Commercial Tinting

Tinted windows and windscreens may appear to be a luxury, but it saves you money and improves your comfort. With so many companies offering window tinting, it’s clear that window tinting is here to stay and with good reason. Of course, not all window tinting is the same so the types and quality may vary from one manufacturer to the next but it’s worth the time, and initial financial outlay. All in all, there are so many reasons to get your windows tinted, so here are the top benefits of commercial tinting.

Benefit 1: Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Air conditioning undoubtedly drives up your energy bill. Commercial window tinting helps block out the excess heat and keep your building cool, reducing the need to pump up the air conditioner which is far from cheap to run during sweltering summers. Winters aren’t neglected by window tinting either, icy chills are also eased by a good tint because it helps retain heat, again reducing the need for heating. Tinting also ensures your interiors are not darker, so that you don’t need to turn up the lights during the day.

Benefit 2: Blocking UV Rays

UV rays don’t only affect the amount of heat coming into your building, but they also affect the longevity of your interiors. Over time, UV rays bleach fabrics and carpets, and they eat into your furniture. Our skin is also greatly affected by UV damage, any extended time in the sun causes premature aging and over long enough periods, may even cause skin cancer. By tinting your windows, you can greatly reduce this damage. In the end, you will save money on furniture, and SPF.

Benefit 3: Reduce Glare

The sharp sun destroys your productivity and your eyes. Glare bounces off your computer screen, and can damage your eyes when you’re exposed to it day after day. With commercial window tinting, there’s no need to block your view with blinds.

Benefit 4: Privacy

Window tinting is a brilliant way to give your office, home, or car an added level of privacy. The tint doesn’t only block out the heat and the UV rays, it also blocks out prying eyes for those who want more privacy. The darker the tint the more privacy you will have, giving you the freedom to have more private meetings, entertain, and feel a little more alone and anonymous even when it’s busy on the other side of that tint.

Benefit 5: Greater Security

Tinting not only offers increased privacy, but it also ensures those with ulterior motives cannot catch a glimpse of your possessions or confidential data. If they are still tempted to get inside your establishment, the film of the tinting will offer some protection owing to the fact that it is not easy to smash. If anything, commercial tinting is difficult to break through.

If you’ve been considering tinting your windows, there’s no better time than now. The longer you wait, the more money you spend on electricity, the more sun damage your furniture incurs, and the longer you don’t have the privacy and security you need. For advice or a quote, get in touch with Instant Windscreens today.

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