Unusual Driving Rules From Around The Globe
Unusual Driving Rules From Around The Globe

No matter where you are in the world, you’re sure to find some weird and unusual driving rules. Some can be explained away as old rules that made sense in a different era of car travel, and haven’t been updated or removed, while others defy any explanation. From rules regarding the German Autobahn to regulations to do with your car’s cleanliness, there are numerous absurd driving rules that still apply today. Test your world driving knowledge and see how many of these odd driving rules you already know.

Don’t Make any Stops on the German Autobahn

The German Autobahn is known around the world for having no federally mandated speed limit for some classes of vehicles, but only on certain sections of the highway. The Autobahn offers unfettered freedom to any car enthusiast to test their mettle, as long as they don’t bring their car to a full stop. No vehicle may stop on the Autobahn, except in the case of an emergency, and if you are found stopping whilst on the autobahn, you could be punished with a six-month driving ban.

Make Sure That You Keep Your Car Clean in Russia

In Moscow you are expected to keep the exterior of your vehicle clean, while also ensuring that the interior is always neat and tidy. Making this requirement even tougher is the fact that you are only allowed to clean your car at your own home. Do it anywhere else and you will be breaking the law.

No Eating While Driving in Cyprus

If you eat or take a sip of a drink -including water – while driving a car in Cyprus, you will be asked to pay a hefty fine of about 85 euros and have two to four penalty points added to your record. If you feel peckish or get thirsty while exploring the island by car, rather play it safe and stop at a restaurant or café in the nearest town or village.

Remember to Check for any Children Underneath Your Car

It could be seen as common sense to check under your car for any foreign objects, but in Denmark it is a legal requirement to not only check that your brakes and steering are in proper working order, you also need to check under your car to make sure there aren’t any children sleeping there.

Bring a Spare Pair of Spectacles When Driving in Spain and France

If you have to wear glasses when driving, you better make sure you have a spare pair with you when visiting Spain or France, where it is a requirement to have a spare pair of glasses in your car at all times.

Turn Off Your Engine if a Horse Passes by You

In Queensland, Australia, drivers must switch off their vehicle’s engine if they are about to be passed by a horse and rider, and the rider indicates that their horse might become agitated. The driver can’t simply bring their car to a halt, they also need to turn the engine off and wait until the horse and rider have passed.

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