What Is The Darkest Legal Tint

New Zealand has strict window tinting laws that vehicles should comply with. Below are some of the regulations and laws required for all tinting vehicles in New Zealand. These laws are designed for the health and safety of drivers.

New Zealand’s window tinting laws

New Zealand has fairly specific window tinting laws that are rigid across the country. The laws for window tinting are currently:

  • 35% VLT on front side windows
  • 35% VLT back side windows
  • 35% VLT for rear windows on passenger vehicles
  • No tint on windshields

All tinting specialists must comply to these laws and can offer you tinting options with accordance to these rules.

The darkest legal tint in NZ

The darkest legal tint on a passenger vehicle remains at 35% VLT across side and rear windows. While complying with these laws you can still add a quality tint that provides you with protection and privacy.

Benefits of window tinting

Tinted windows reflect UV light and so help with keeping the interior of your vehicle cooler. In addition to this, the UV protection reduces your risk of sun damage while preventing the interior from fading too early. It’s a great way to maintain the look and feel of a new vehicle for much longer.

Making the most of your window tinting

Once you get your tint, you’ll want to ensure proper maintenance to maintain longevity and quality. Once the team has finished you should keep your windows up for at least 24 hours before allowing yourself to roll them down. After that, regular upkeep by cleaning with a microfibre cloth, and only using soapy water or a mild cleaning solution will keep them looking new without potentially damaging the tint.to help with repairs, replacements and advice on residential properties, commercial properties and all vehicles.

Glass repair

Glass repair services for chips and cracks that don’t require a complete replacement. We can offer mobile services and get your damage repaired in an instant.

Glass replacement

Glass replacement may be necessary if damage is significant. We can get your windows back in good condition so you can get on the road.

Window tinting

Our window tinting services can give your vehicle a quality, state compliant tint. Enquire with the team to find out more information.

Speak to the trusted experts

We offer mobile services across New Zealand and have branches all over the major cities and towns. If you’re in need of emergency repairs, replacement or want to book in a window tint, Instant Windscreens is the team to call. We have worked in the industry for over 35 years and know how to tackle any job. For an experienced team, contact us today.

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