Window Tinting to Keep Heat Out

How to Keep Heat Out of Your Vehicle

Hot summer days aren’t just a frustration when you’re outside, they can also heat up your car, making it hot and uncomfortable to drive. Even if you do have air conditioning, it’s expensive to use, and you might find other measures and factors can actually keep your car cool without needing to blast the air conditioning.

Here are some of our tips for reducing the heat in your car.


Where do you keep your car when you aren’t using it? If you keep it on the street it’s likely going to overheat more than if you keep it under the shade. If you don’t have one, try to create a shaded area for your car, or look for spaces where trees can protect your vehicle from the sun.


It might seem obvious, but shade covers can make a huge different to the temperature in your car. And there are some pretty good designs out there. Consider investing in a high quality sun shade.

Crack the windows open

A small, safe gap for air to flow through your vehicle can help the hot air release and cool air to flow in. It might make a slight difference to the temperature of your car, and if you give your car a moment with the doors open before starting up, you might find the heat a little more tolerable once you’re ready to drive.

Dashboard and seating

Nothing is worse than getting in a car with hot, sticky leather seats and a fried steering wheel. You can find alternative seating options and wheel coverings, but if you can’t, you can also cover them with a towel or material.

Window tinting to keep heat out

Of course, if these don’t seem to keep your car cool enough, you can invest a little more. Window tinting blocks out a percentage of the sun’s UV rays, so naturally the vehicle won’t heat up as quickly as other cars. It also helps with insulation during the winter. A high grade tint can make all the difference on those stinking hot days.

We offer quality window tinting

Instant Windscreens offers a variety of window tinting options, and can offer you the darkest legal tint in New Zealand if it suits your preferences. The great thing about window tinting is it offers a level of security and privacy, insulates your car and looks great.

Need the windscreen & glass experts?

We have years of experience tinting windows for a range of cars in all shapes and sizes, as well as experience repairing and replaces glass and windscreens. If you are looking for a revamp for the summer, speak to the team at Instant Windscreens today. We are happy to offer you a quick quote, and can offer mobile services where necessary.

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