Window Tinting to Prevent Fading

Fading Car Interior? How to Prevent Unwanted Fading

As your car gets older it’s natural for the interior and colour to fade. But it can also fade prematurely, and the way you look after your car can have an impact on this.

Why do cars’ interiors fade?

Pigment and pain reacts with UV rays and, over time, will fade out. Interaction with other chemicals inside your car can also wear out the colour and appearance. Over time it is expected for a natural fade, but if you protect your car properly you can reduce the fade.

How to prevent fading?

  • Cleaning: Regular cleaning will stop dirt and chemical from interacting with the interior, so make sure you use soap and water to clean the inside of your car when you are cleaning the exterior.
  • Preventative and protective spray: Think of how you protect your leather shoes before wearing them out. It’s always good to regularly use these sprays on your interior as well, so visit a branch and see what protective sprays are available.
  • Window tinting: Tinting blocks out UV rays that can cause premature fading. It also looks great and protects you from sun damage.

What window tinting is available in NZ?

New Zealand has legal restrictions when it comes to tinting, and all professional windscreen technicians will comply with this. Currently it is not legal for windscreens to have any tinting, but side and rear windows can have a tint. NZ requires a minimum 35% VLT on all passenger vehicles, which means that at least 35% of light is transmitted through the glass.

Window tinting has a number of benefits:

  • Blocks out harmful UV rays, preventing serious sun damage
  • Keeps your car comfortable and temperate
  • Insulation and UV protection means no more overheated cars nor chilly vehicles
  • Element of privacy for your car
  • Looks professional and pristine, adding an extra something to the look of your car

Does window tinting prevent fading?

Because window tinting blocks harmful UV rays, it can actually have an impact on your interior’s fading, as sun damage is one of the main contributors. It’s one of the many benefits to tinting.

Where can I get my windows tinted?

Instant Windscreen offers a range of options for window tinting, whether it’s a light tint or the darkest legal tint available. Our technicians can advise you on the best option for you, and are available to service New Zealand-wide.

Reach out to Instant Windscreens to find out more

Our team of experts are always available to help you make a smart decision. We have serviced NZ for years, and have branches and servicing available across the country. As a dedicated team, we’ll treat your vehicle like it’s our own, and ensure the best advice for your specific needs. If you’re interested in tinting, reach out to the NZ team today for a quick quote.

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