Window Tinting vs Privacy Glass

Many individuals like the look of tinted windows, or privacy glass, as it creates a level of security and privacy on their vehicles. Some people will even implement both, but there is a pretty striking difference between the two.

So what’s the difference?

Window tinting

Window tinting darkens the windows to reduce the percentage of UV rays that enter through the glass. It reflects harsh UV light which can help keep your car cooler, as well as prevent sun damage and fading – as well as sunburn.

Privacy glass

Privacy glass, also known as “factory tint”, is essentially a dark dye on your windows, so it doesn’t actually offer you any UV protection the way tinting does. It’s mainly for, as the name suggests, privacy and aesthetic, and it’s usually advised that people who have privacy glass should also tint their windows. Privacy class is usually installed during manufacturing, and can be quite expensive if you custom add it after purchasing your car.

What should you choose?

If you only want the privacy and appearance of dark windows then you likely only need privacy glass, which should usually already be with your new vehicle. But if the intention is to protect yourself and the interior from sun damage then you definitely will want to choose window tinting.

Benefits of window tinting

UV protection: The most significant benefit to tinting is the UV protection it offers. UV rays not only contribute to your interior fading, but it also can harm you. If you want to protect yourself on hot days, tinting is a great option.

Comfort: Because of the UV protection, you will find yourself far more comfortable in your vehicle, as the temperature will be better regulated.

Privacy: Darker windows mean fewer Peeping Toms, and everyone loves to feel a level of anonymity when driving.

Saving electricity: Because tinting reflects light, your vehicle will stay cooler during summer, and insulation means it stays warmer during winter. This means you won’t need to keep the air conditioner on all the time.

What window tinting is available?

There are a lot of options available, and Instant Windscreens is happy to help you get the perfect look! Window tinting does have legal regulations however, and you will need to comply with the permitted minimum VLT in New Zealand. VLT refers to visual light transmission, being the percentage of light and UV rays that go through your window. New Zealand’s laws do not permit tinting at all on the windscreen, but permit a minimum of 35% VLT – meaning that 35% of light is transmitted through the glass. If you are unsure about what you are allowed, Instant Windscreens can talk you through the requirements.

Instant Windscreens can help

If you’re looking for high grade window tinting Instant Windscreens can help. We can offer a variety of tinting options including the darkest legal tint available in NZ. As glass and window experts, we also offer repair and replacement services, with mobile services for urgent repairs. Trust in the experts, we treat you vehicle as if it were our own. Reach out today for a quick quote on tinting or window repairs.

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