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Why You Shouldn’t Drive with a Cracked Windscreen

For many drivers, cracks and chips in the windscreen is not a regular occurrence, though it can be influenced by the type of roads you travel on and other conditions. But being a rare occurrence can also mean you are less diligent about having any windscreen damage repaired as soon as it happens. The crack might be small, leading you to believe it isn’t a serious concern and that you can have it taken care of later. But aside from windscreen cracks making your car unroadworthy–crack’s in the critical vision area (CVA) and any crack larger than 25mm will fail a warrant of fitness (WoF)–there are other risks too.

It Affects Your Safety

A critical reason for having cracks in your windscreen taken care of without delay is that they affect the safety of the driver and anyone else in the car. It isn’t just the size of the crack that influences this but also the depth, and it isn’t always easy to tell how deep the crack goes. Too long or too deep and the structural integrity of the windscreen is weakened, and under certain circumstances could shatter with little warning. Windscreens also play an important role in the deployment of airbags and the structural integrity of the vehicle itself when involved in an accident.

It Reduces Visibility

Larger cracks and any cracks in the driver’s CVA have a greater impact on visibility. But smaller cracks anywhere on the windscreen can still create blind spots or distract you while driving. And any distraction or blind spot increases the risk of something going wrong. Don’t convince yourself that because the crack isn’t bad enough to fail a WoF it isn’t still a problem.

It Will Get Bigger

All cracks will get bigger the longer you ignore them. And there are many factors that influence how quickly this happens. Vibration of the car and general bumps and jolts when driving will cause the crack to expand. But dirt and moisture could also become trapped in the crack and not only cause the crack to grow, but also contribute to the weakening of the glass. And moisture becomes a greater risk when there are also sudden changes in the temperature.

Larger cracks not only present a bigger risk to safety, they also make it more difficult for the windscreen to be repaired. So, you either end up having to pay more for a repair or find yourself having to replace the windscreen because a repair is no longer possible.

Instant Windscreens has been repairing and replacing windscreens for more than 30 years, and our extensive network of branches and qualified auto glass technicians means you’ll never struggle to find a professional to repair any cracks or chips in your windscreen before they get worse.

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